Whoever has the choice

The Obst front door configurator makes it a breeze to peruse our big selection. Finding the right front door to suit your very own tastes becomes child’s play with this step-by-step program. The combination of shape, model, surface, glass and accessories ensures you’ll have plenty of new and surprising options. Get inspired.
Or start planning your front door with the dimensions you need right away. After that, you’ll be all set to “virtually” install it in your house.
You can then save and print out the results of your configurations for subsequent consulting appointments.
The front door configurator is currently available for the MODERN product line. Check back at any time for updates. The configurator will soon be expanded for models from the KLASSIK and CARO lines.


Click here for the front door configurator

System requirements for the front door configurator

The system for the Obst front door configurator is supported on all
conventional platforms and browsers. If you still encounter problems,
 try updating your browser to its latest version or use Firefox or Chrome.